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Hi everyone...sorry I haven't updated in forever. It's been pretty hectic!

People on have been voting for my next far the results are:

Autobiography- 58%
Better Off- 33%
LaLa- 9%

Go vote! Don't forget to vote for 'Shadow' on TRL, too! Also, I'm going to be preforming at the 2004 Radio Music Awards along with Chingy, Destiny's Child, Elton John, and a few others. Can't wait! It's going to be at the Aladdin Theater at the Aladdin Resort & Casino in Las Vegas! I'm stoked! Be sure to watch! It's going to air Monday, October 25 on NBC. Janet Jackson, I heard, is accepting the Legend Award. Congrats!

Well, I'm gonna run. I'm sleepy and I have a Fall Fest to go to tomorrow!

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