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Hiya. What's new? Nothing much going on here. It's been sad and depressing here. Not exactely fun.

This weekend I'm going to be preforming 'Autobiography' on SNL and I'll be preforming in some skits. Be sure to watch! I'm going to be Tara Reid! 'Autobiography' is going to be my next single! 'Pieces of Me' is also on NOW 17, so be sure to pick that up! There's also Bowling For Soup, Black Eyed Peas, and manyyyy more. Don't forget to vote for 'Shadow' on! It almost fell of the countdown last week! Thanks for all your support!

I have some pics for you all from Enjoy <3


Ashlee Lyric of the day: I love how you can tell, all the pieces of me...

Click to view full size image Jason Merritt/ Jason Merritt/ Jason Merritt/

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