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Sorry I haven't updated in like, forever! It's been so hectic here. You don't even know that half of it!

Well, Autobiography isn't my next single. It was changed to LaLa! Hope you all like that. I know that's my fave :)

A quick note about SNL about 2 weeks ago: I don't normally lip-synch and I will never ever do it again. It pains me that my fans think I'm fake. I'm really not. my acid reflex disease was acting up on that night and I didn't think it was safe to sing in that condition. So, please accpet my apologies.

No comments on my last entry? Doesn't anyone love me? -sinffle-

Well, I need to go do some stuff. Later.


Ashlee lyric of the day: Here I am, perfect as I'm never gonna be, you'll see. Love me for me...
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